This Isn’t Your Grandpa’s Cabin

When people ask me about living off the grid, I have to constantly remind them that it isn’t as arduous and dangerous as they imagine. Once I had completed building my cabin, I decided to install solar panels that could run electricity wherever needed on my property. That way, I am assured of hot water no matter what time or how many people are actually in my cabin. Currently, I need to replace the tankless water heater I have now and so I have been researching several brands to figure out the best offered in the industry. Since I know what to expect, I have been more than happy to share what I have learned with others to ensure they get the quality desired.


Of course, everyone should know that electric models are the best of the bunch and offer the efficiency, performance, and durability that consumers will love. Additionally, they are quite affordable and will save a ton of money monthly on energy. That being said, it is a no-brainer to install an electric version to save you money long-term. The following electric tankless water heaters are guaranteed to perform optimally.


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EcoSmart ECO 27

EcoSmart ECO 27 water heater


If you’re searching for an amazing tankless heater that boasts several features and gets results, the EcoSmart ECO 27 is one that should be on your list for consideration. This model has been designed to give users exactly what they need in terms of performance, giving adequate amounts of water that boasts a flow rate of about 2.39 gallons each minute. It comes equipped with a water flow sensor technology that is self-modulating and manages energy consumption extremely well, using minimal power to meet your demands by demand. The end result is excellent efficiency and the consumption of less energy.


According to the manufacturer, consumption can potentially be reduced by as much as 60%, ensuring that expensive electricity bills are done away with once installed. Plus, the unit comes with a temperature control console that is digital, allowing users the ability to adjust temperatures of output water. The compact unit only takes up approximately 12 cubic feet in your house, making it far smaller than most models available on the market today. There is also the lifetime warranty to take into consideration, but I advise those that are interested in this model to have a professional install it, even if you happen to be a DIYer


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Ecosmart ECO 18

Ecosmart ECO 18


For one of the most effective tankless water heaters on the market, the Ecosmart ECO 18 is a mid-sized model that comes with excellent features that rank it among the best in the industry, with users around the world giving it positive reviews. For those that have high inlet water temperatures, this tankless water heater is ideal, with temperatures around 62 degrees Fahrenheit. Its flow rate allows users to operate two showerheads simultaneously and can support a home of up to three people optimally.


In order to install this model, you will need electrical service as it runs on an electrical current of 150 amps. Also necessary are 40A dual pole breakers and two of 8AWG electrical wire, with the front of the unit having a temperature control knob for easy temperature setting. Users have the option to set the temperature between 80 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Another great feature that I like about this unit is that you have the ability to install the unit indoors. Again, even if you are a DIYer, I highly recommend that you have a professional install the tankless water heater to ensure the best performance and ultimate in durability. If you so happen to install it yourself, you may run the risk of losing your warranty.


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Another great aspect of this unit is the size, as it is small, easy to transport and install into almost any space, using only approximately 12 cubic feet. According to the manufacturer, users can save about 60% on energy, ensuring that monthly bills are significantly reduced. The lifetime warranty is a great addition as well, and users have even more confidence in purchasing the unit. I also like it because it comes with two application points and also features a temperature control knob, allowing users to set the temperature as they please. I highly recommend it and know it will satisfy nearly all consumers.

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